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Difference between Managed Services and I.T. Support.

So the big one is cost. Managed Services will cost you LESS money than any other support plan, not only is it less but it’s a fixed price per month. Your business needs a lot of software and hardware to make everything work, and for everyone to work well together. What we do, is to bundle all those services together and charge a single fee per month.  Our bundled offering includes all Onsite, remote or phone support, for when they don’t work well together. Your plan also includes all the email, web, file hosting solutions to make your workday flow. All service plans can be fully tailored to save your staff time and more importantly, save you money.

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Tech Support and Help Desk.

Every tried to be everywhere at once? Kind of a hard trick to pull off, but our help desk has done the next best thing. We can be in the cloud wherever you need us, at any time you need us. The helpdesk engineers can sort out most problems via our cloud infrastructure and management framework (Please note this is limited to technical support only, we can’t for example help feed your cat). Given how far some of your business team can be spread out, having timely technical support is crucial to making the most of everyone working remotely. Working from our secret base (Not really a secret or a base) in Glen Iris, Melbourne we can remotely support all your staff wherever they are working from.

Planning and future needs.

Want to spend your time keeping abreast of the latest changes in the scope and services in cloud and IT offerings, or would you rather work on and grow your business? Pretty straight forward, we spend the time to make sure the best solutions are used to grow your business, so you don’t have too. Planning the IT growth or support for your company is one of the those that everyone should do, but nobody really does. Over a coffee we’ll sit down and go through where you want your IT to go in the next 12 months and beyond. Make sure you and your staff are getting the support and the tools you need to make working from home or in the office as productive as possible.


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