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Intelligen’s full suite of IT support services make it easy for businesses to manage their IT infrastructure. 

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You know those nerds you see on TV that live and breathe tech? Well, that’s us. We’ve been IT lovers from the start and that’s how Intelligen was built. 
Based in Melbourne, we exist to simplify your IT systems and remove IT challenges for your business.  We offer fully-inclusive IT services, managed IT solutions, and business IT support with no hidden surprises. 
Our solutions allow you to do more, with less effort and lower costs.
Experience hassle-free IT, managed and integrated from beginning to end. If you love local, personalised support, fast response times, and quick and efficient problem solving...
We know you’ll love partnering with us. 

how we help you

Who best describes you?

We pride ourselves on knowing our clients and the demands of your unique business. We’re responsive and proactive to your needs, and our expert knowledge of business solutions means we can grow, scale, and respond with your business. Whatever your IT problems - we’ve got solutions.

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'Disaster' Dave

Dave is panicking. He’s dropped his laptop, or his server just sits there staring blankly at him no matter how many times he hits the power button. Not only is he now worried about losing his work, he also has to consider data security, and much fixing everything is going to cost. Dave needs a better solution. 

Does Dave sound familiar?

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‘Get me Started’ Kevin

Kevin is worried and a bit lost. He just started a new company and he needs to get it up and running. He doesn't want to overspend or waste money on the wrong services, but he doesn't know where to start. He needs a partner to walk him through the options and what would suit his business the best.

Does Kevin sound familiar?

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‘Just Make it work’ Mike

Mike is frustrated. He’s had enough of Outlook not working, emails disappearing, and Zoom calls dropping out during important meetings with clients. It starting to feel like he is spending more time fixing IT issues than running his company. The current setup is just not working, and he needs a trusted partner that can handle issues as they come up. Staff are coming to him repeatedly with small IT problems he just doesn’t have time to solve. 

Does Mike sound familiar?

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‘Modernise me’  Michelle

Michelle’s tech seems so outdated. Her old and reliable laptop is starting to feel more old than reliable. She can’t share emails or calendars with her team, and everything on her computer freezes constantly. She worries that her business competitors are moving faster and have better processes in place. 

Does Michelle sound familiar?

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‘Remote’ Remona

Remona is finally ready to get on the Cloud. She wants her staff to be able work from anywhere, have access to files from any device, collaborate with others in real time and share and work on projects together. She just needs help getting it all set up. 

Do you want remote work capabilities like Remona? 

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our mission

We make the complicated, simple 

Intelligen’s mission is to provide the most cost effective systems to our clients. We leverage automation and best business practices and we take any complicated IT system and set up simple processes that help you do business more efficiently. When you work with our specialist team, you’ll receive regular updates, constant improvement and innovation, and a company that goes above and beyond to solve your problems. 

  • Local, personalised support
  • Fast response times
  • Quick and efficient problem solving
  • Business solutions 
what we do

We grow scale, and respond with your business

Intelligen has over 20 years of experience in blending cutting-edge technologies with an innovative business model to deliver customised IT solutions. 
Whether you’re a team of one or 100, we offer the same level of personalised service. 

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Leverage Intelligen's best in class business IT solutions to meet your business challenges, and empower innovation that drives your business forward.

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Managed I.T. Solutions

Receive priority ongoing support from your very own Intelligen IT team and access industry-leading technologies. Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure ensures your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Seamlessly transition your business to the Cloud with safe and secure processes that bypass any downtime or maintenance issues.

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Flexible pricing that scales with your business.

Intelligen’s suite of IT services spans IT consulting, managed IT services and business IT solutions with options ranging from 24/7 support to on-call only. Not sure what you need? Customise a solution to suit your business. Find out more about our plans. 



Break fix
We come in, we fix or build and we leave. Perfect if you only need us sometimes.

Onsite/Remote/Phone Support

One-Off Projects


Disaster Recovery

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$18/ Device

Support – Basic
This is the plan if your business has more tech experience, only occasionally needs a hand and just needs the day to day maintenance taken care of. For the odd time you do need us, we charge by the hour for any work done. Available onsite, remotely or via phone support. 
Plan includes

Hourly Rate $109/hr

Device Updates and Patching

Antivirus Software

Backup Monitoring

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Hardware Monitoring/Reporting


$82 / Device

Support – Premium
All inclusive, monthly fee for for all your IT needs. This plan covers Onsite/Remote and phone support.  We also monitor the health and manage all of your IT. Perfect if you don’t want to worry about the tech side of things, but just want it all to work.
Plan includes

Free Onsite/remote Support

Microsoft 365 Basic subscription

Hardware Monitoring

Updates and Patching

Antivirus Software

Backup Monitoring

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