is this you?

‘Just Make it work’ Mike

“I just want my tech to work!”
Mike is frustrated. He’s had enough of his Outlook not working, emails disappearing, and Zoom calls dropping out during important meetings. The current setup is just not working. Staff are coming to him repeatedly with small IT problems he just doesn’t have time to solve. 
He needs to find an efficient way of doing things to allow his business to run smoothly.
Do you relate? It’s time to stop the waste of resources, improve systems and productivity and give your business the focus it deserves.

Here is how we would help:
Step 1 - Free Consultation

Your free consultation includes an assessment of the problem and overview of what can be fixed or recovered. Intelligen sits down with your key stakeholders to find out your IT pain points. We go over costs, estimated resolution times and expected functionality once the issue is resolved. 

Step 2 - Audit & Discovery

Our IT experts review the setup and implementation of your existing systems, and work out the next steps to improve your business IT infrastructure and processes.  

Step 3 - Implement & Deploy Solutions

At this stage we build and implement any changes that we recommended during the review process. This takes place with minimal disruption or downtime for your business, keeping you informed along every stage of the way. 

Step 4 - Ongoing Support

Our Support desk is always available for our clients, answering any questions and fixing any problems that might crop up. We engage with your staff and any tech issues that may arise. 

Step 5 - Regular Reviews 

As part of our commitment to constantly improve on the service we offer, we regularly review how your IT infrastructure aligns with your business goals. We proactively look for opportunities to improve IT infrastructure and processes.

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