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Gain a competitive advantage in your industry. 

The rapid pace of technology change, the emergence of new competitors, and shifting customer expectations have created a perfect storm for companies to fall behind and lose market share. Intelligen helps clients navigate these changing dynamics by providing I.T. solutions and training that enable organisations to maximise their return on investment from our services. We combine cutting-edge technologies with an innovative business model to deliver highly customised I.T. solutions.
With over 20 years experience, we understand your industry.
We understand how difficult it can be keeping up with all the latest tech trends, so trust us to resolve any tech concerns you may have, and give you peace of mind.

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How we can help you

With ongoing changes and advancements in technologies, it can get very overwhelming to manage on your own. You need an IT partner you can trust to show you the ropes in a cost efficient and timely manner, as well as stick around for the long-term.
We work to quickly identify ways you can benefit from leveraging technology investments to drive growth and profitability.

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IT Service Desk

flexible 24/7 IT Service Desk. 

Trying to manage all of your I.T. needs on your own, but lacking the expertise, can be a tedious task. Let us do the nerdy work and give you total peace of mind with our flexible 24/7 I.T. Service Desk. We know the stress that I.T. incidents can cause. That is why we guarantee a friendly and supportive service that is tailored to suit your level of understanding. Trust us to resolve your I.T. issues and concerns on the spot, whilst keeping you in the loop.

Cloud & Hosting

Welcome to high quality, low cost infrastructure.

It is easy to make mistakes when making the transition to the Cloud, so why add more to your plate? Partnering with us will guarantee you a fully supported transition of all your data to the Cloud, instantly! Allow us to get to the nitty gritty and offer utmost data security and protection for all your cloud and hosting solutions. As your trusted I.T. partner, we support your transition through:

  • Cloud services that save you time and money
  • Added data security and reduced risk 
  • Expert guidance in migrating your company to the Cloud
  • Easy and fast I.T. business processes 

Phone & Data Services

Speed up communication across your entire business

Speed up communication across your entire business with Intelligen Phone and Data services. We understand the need to get a message across, and in the fastest way possible. Let us boost internal communications between your staff, clients and partners. Tailored exactly to your needs. Intelligen’s cost effective solutions include:

  • Innovative telecommunications tailored to fit your business 
  • Easy to operate and customise telecommunications
  • Flexible solutions for mobile, laptop, and desktop phones
  • Streamlined process

Backup & Recovery

cost-effective and convenient Cloud backup

Safety is key and we want you to be worry free! Intelligen offers cost-effective and convenient Cloud backup solutions that gives you unlimited protection against viruses, hacking and disaters. We know the ins and outs of every backup and recovery solution, so put your trust in us to ensure your I.T. safety now and in the future. Intelligen offers backup and recovery solutions to fit your business:

  • Protection against viruses, hacking, and disasters.
  • On-site backup solutions & disaster recovery setup 
  • Regular testing and monitoring of backup solutions

IT Project Management

keep you and your business up to date

Don’t let your outdated systems keep you from out performing your competitors. Execute and deliver your next I.T. project seamlessly and efficiently. I.T. projects can be an implementation nightmare, with overrunning costs and underperforming systems. Using outdated systems only exacerbates the problem. With over 20 years of experience, our I.T. project management solutions will keep you and your business up to date with all the latest tech inovations to ensure your next I.T. project is optimised for excellence. Intelligen’s complete I.T. project management services optimise your projects with:

  • A comprehensive scope of works and cost break down for each step of your IT project
  • Experienced project leaders that keep clients in the loop with progress reports
  • A single point of contact for any project

Staff Training 

cost-effective and convenient Cloud backup

Cut out the time cost involved in learning new I.T. infrastructure and training staff. We know that any changes in a business can be a time consuming and stressful process. We are here to lend a helping hand and give you and your staff a shortcut to getting the most out of your I.T. Learning the ins and outs of I.T. infrastructure can be a lot to grasp. Intelligen’s training gets your staff up to speed in the quickest way possible, without the jargon. 
Let us support you and your staff through:

  • Training in new and existing I.T. systems
  • Best practices for online security 
  • Basic application operations
  • Solutions training for projects
  • All training conducted at your preferred location 

IT Audits & Compliance

Ensure your business is operating optimally

Knowing how and where you go wrong is important, especially in the I.T. world! Ensure your business is operating optimally with our Business I.T. Audits for prospective customers. 
The I.T. audit and compliance check includes:

  • Essential 8 Compliance and security report.
  • I.T. equipment inspection and physical connection audit
  • Network security review and anti-virus audit
  • Employee productivity audit

IT Reviews & Planning

cost-effective and convenient Cloud backup

We want to help you grow and generate a better understanding of how we work to help you achieve high performing systems for your business. Regular reviews help ensure the support we provide is meeting expectations, supporting your business growth, and futureproofing your organisation. Our I.T. reviews & planning include:

  • Periodic reviews of your IT infrastructure
  • Security planning and I.T. Health checks
  • Improving systems and efficiency 
  • Planning for future I.T. service needs
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