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Put your trust in us to deliver a full suite of IT services that will make your life easier and keep your business running smoothly! Intelligen Technology Solutions has been supporting business I.T. solutions for over 10 Years.

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Our Story

Melbourne’s most trusted IT support services  

You know those nerds you see on TV that live and breathe tech? Well, that’s us. We’ve been IT lovers from the start and that’s how Intelligen Technology Solutions was built. Based in Melbourne, we exist to simplify your I.T. systems and remove I.T. challenges for your staff.  
We offer fully-inclusive I.T. support and services, with no hidden surprises. Our solutions allow you to do more, with less effort and lower costs.Experience hassle-free I.T., managed and integrated from beginning to end. If you love local, personalised support, fast response times, and quick and efficient problem solving...
We know you’ll love partnering with us. 

Our Vision

We make the complicated, simple 

Change your ‘it’s complicated’ I.T. status to ‘simple’ with the team at Intelligen Technology Solutions.
Intelligen’s mission is to provide the most cost effective systems to our clients, using the right level of automation. 
We take any complicated I.T. system and set up simple automated processes that help our clients do business more efficiently.When you work with our small specialist team, we go above and beyond to solve your I.T. problems whilst keeping you constantly informed.
We offer:

  • Local, personalised support
  • Fast response times
  • Quick and efficient problem solving
  • Business solutions 

We are here to help

Intelligen was started by founders Shamus Dougan and Charles Foletta, with the dedicated Help desk team running out of our Melbourne office in Glen Iris.

Shamus Dougan, B.Sc, B.E

CEO & Founder

Shamus started in the industry over 20 years ago providing technical and specialist support to both Primary and Secondary schools in Victoria.

'Want to see how robust your I.T. systems are? Let high school students at it." - Shamus

Shamus has being recognized nationally for leading small and large project teams throughout Australia, outsourcing I.T. projects for large national and multinational companies.

He has a passion for bringing the latest in hardware and software innovations out into the real world, and enjoys seeing the improvements that they make to every day situations.

"I have literally seen just about everything people can do to a computer, from the absurd to the astoundingly brilliant. Everyday has the opportunity to bring something different that I haven't yet seen, or yet work out how to fix." - Shamus
Charles Foletta

CEO & Founder

Charles began with electronic engineering in the 1980’s, using Computer Aided Design and programming microcontrollers.

His interest naturally progressed into computers with various certifications in Operating Systems and applications. Combined with over 2 decades of onsite experience as a Systems Administrator in both the public and private sector illustrates Charles continued desire to develop his skills and competencies within the industry.

Experience provided Charles with an appreciation of his client’s needs while his skill set and commitment has ensured customer satisfaction. Charles has recently discovered the joys of parenthood, temporarily putting his interests in fly fishing, and cue sports aside.
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