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Give your business a competitive edge

Give your business a competitive edge by migrating to the Cloud. Make the move and access your data, anywhere, at any time with Intelligen to help guide you to the perfect Cloud solution for your business. 
Migrating to the Cloud solution can give your business on-demand access to computing applications and resources, saving on costs and time. With the addtion of built in security you can make sure that your data stays where it should.
Transitioning to the Cloud enables you to consolidate all your business applications in one place. With no hardware or software to maintain, there’s less time spent on IT tasks such as managing servers. As your resident IT know-it-alls, we make getting all of your data transferred to the Cloud a simple and stress free process. 

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How we can help you

Want to know what the best solution is for your business? We can help your through the decision making process. We've walked the path many times before, we know what solution is a good fit for any business. Once we know where you want to migrate too, we can make it as painless as possible.

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flexible 24/7 IT Service Desk 

Communicate, collaborate and schedule the easy way with Office 365 solutions. We give your business what it needs to succeed with Microsoft Office Suite’s communication, scheduling and collaboration tools, including emails, calendars, contacts and Microsoft OneDrive for all online storage needs. If you like working with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, then Microsoft 365 is the perfect solution for your IT needs. It’s designed to work with the Microsoft Office from the ground up in a seamless manner. 
Intelligen offers:

  • Microsoft Cloud Migration
  • Email, Calendar, contacts through Microsoft Exchange
  • OneDrive and SharePoint Cloud file storage
  • Microsoft desktop application licenses

Google G-Suite Solutions

Welcome to high quality, low cost infrastructure

Intelligen offers you complete access to multiple Google G-Suite Solutions to give you all round IT support and knowledge every step of the way.
As one of the leading web browsers on the market, Google workspaces offers a superior selection of collaboration tools including emails, calendars and contacts. 
Intelligen helps you access: 

  • Google mail, calendars and contacts
  • Google Drive File Cloud Storage solutions
  • Google Browser Based application

Cloud Migrations

your business migration to the Cloud

Nobody likes change, but rest assured that we come prepared with the right solutions to help you navigate your business’ migration to the Cloud. We know how important data safety and security is for your business. We are the team that keeps you in the know about the latest cost-effective programs and solutions that guarantee minimal I.T. maintenance issues now, and in the long-run. We offer a cost-effective solution for businesses that cuts out the inefficiency of sifting through the the benefits of different programs, expertly matching the right solutions for your business. 
Our solutions include: 

  • Migration to Microsoft 365
  • Migration to Google Workspaces
  • Migration between Office 365 and Google workspaces
  • Migration from on premise servers to either hybrid or fully Cloud solutions

Backup & Recovery

cost-effective and convenient Cloud backup

Nothing could be worse than losing all of your files and data when you need them. Our team are the I.T. damage control experts who can provide you with strong backup and recovery solutions to proctect against any issues that may impact your data safety.
Our backup solutions are developed to simply run in the background with minimal monitoring whilst providing you with realtime protection against viruses, hacking and malfunctioning equiment.

Intelligen walks you through the process of implementing a secure backup strategy, allowing you the peace of mind to run your business.

File Storage and Security

keep you and your business up to date

Intelligen has the expertise to determine the best Cloud files and storage services that will best suit your business.
Based on your unique needs, we can recommend Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive solutions to help you get the most out of your IT and keep your data safe.
We understand that each new I.T. system can be difficult to grasp. Allow us to take the reins and show you how file storage and security solutions work.

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